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    The complete kit includes all the connectors, parts and bits to convert your onewheel XR Specs: The device operates between 15V and 84V for a maximum of 20S Li-ion batteries. It has a maximum operating current of 100A for the battery and 250A for the peak motor current. The maximum power output ranges from 5kw to 8kw.

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  • Riding a Vesc Onewheel is an adrenaline-fueled experience, but it's important to protect the components that make it possible. That's why Flowglider created this custom 3D Printed Box, specifically designed to fit the Little focer Vesc in your Onewheel XR. Cable cover included

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  • Discover the ultimate in high-quality, durable and smooth bearings with NSK. Our premium bearings are specifically compatible with your Onewheel XR, GT, Pint/Pint X, ensuring maximum performance and longevity.                                                                      

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  • We have assembled and fine-tuned the Little Focer V3.1 controller for you. The Little Focer is neatly housed within an aluminum enclosure known as Floatboxx. We have carefully connected all the battery connectors using a custom cable harness. Additionally, we have included connectors for the motor, footpad, and hallsensors, making it as close as possible...

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  • The aluminum Floatboxx is a high-quality solution that offers unparalleled durability and protection. Before mounting the box it is easily made waterproof by putting silicone or MS Polymer.

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