FloatBoxx CXC V2

Introducing the Floatboxx CXC V2, a durable metal controller box tailored for VESC setups between XR style rails. Engineered for compatibility with the Superflux motor, this box boasts enhanced thermals, featuring at least 2x the heat capacity of standard MLC boxes.

€206.61 tax incl.

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Equipped with M20 and M10 cable glands for motor and footpad cables respectively (optional stock connector), it ensures robust connectivity and improved durability against wear and tear.

Constructed with stainless steel for added strength, the Floatboxx CXC integrates a connector cover for seamless functionality. Weighing 950 grams (2.08 lbs) inclusive of box, screws, lid, and seal, it offers a practical and reliable solution for your VESC needs.

Key Features:

  • Modular controller plate for versatile mounting options
  • Easy access to cable glands/strain reliefs
  • Stainless steel welded construction for durability
  • Ample space for additional components like Buzzer, BMS, and extra Li-Ion cells
  • Enhanced heat dissipation for optimal controller performance
  • Compatibility with various rails, bumpers, and footpads for versatile installation

Included Content:

  • Stainless steel box with aluminum lid (powder painted white)
  • Aluminum controller mounting plate with integrated connector cover
  • Foam rubber sealing sticker and vent stickers
  • MS polymer adhesive and sealant blister pack
  • Stainless steel nuts and bolts


  • Footpad cable for stock footpad connector
  • 14-core battery cable VESC
  • Compact M20 cable gland
  • M10 cable gland for LED cable and footpad cable


  • Connectors sold separately, compatible with specified hole sizes


  • Floatboxx is not guaranteed waterproof; user assembly required for complete waterproofing
  • Use thermal pad between box and Mosfets for optimal heat transfer


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