19s-20s Fast Battery Charger

19s or 20s 6Amps Fast battery charger.

This charger is specially for HIGH VOLTAGE batteries on onewheel Vesc boards, not suitable for stock onewheel battery. 

€80.17 tax incl.

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Supercharge the battery of your vesc onewheel!

Introducing the ultimate battery charger solution for your high-powered Vesc Onewheel XR the 19s/20s, 6 Amp Rapid Battery Charger!

With its sleek aluminum housing and advanced features, this charger is designed to keep your batteries at peak performance levels, be the first ready in your group rides!.

Featuring built-in protection against short circuits, overloading, and reversed polarity, this charger ensures that your batteries are always safe and secure. Additionally, the digital display screen provides real-time updates on the charge percentage of your batteries, so you always know when they're ready to go or when you want to stop charging.

 Invest in the best and upgrade to the 79.8 Volt or 84 Volt, 6 Amp Rapid Battery Charger today!


EU plug

AC input 100/240v

version 19s = 79,8 Volts 6 Amp

version 20s = 84 Volts 6 Amp

Black anodized aluminum case

Active cooling

Digital screen with % of battery status

Short circuit and reverse polarity protection.

XLR charging plug


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