Cheap Focer 3 Vesc 75.6 Volts 18s


  • Smart led control enables you to control the lights directly from the Vesc app in your phone!
  • The integrated 5v 1A aux cleans up your set up. The power and control for the lights come directly from the Cheap Focer3.
  • Also there are no more relays, extra wires, or step down converter needed for the lights setup.

€148.76 tax incl.

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  • Voltage Range: Supports operation from 15 volts to 75.6 volts, suitable up to 18S lithium-ion battery setups.
  • Maximum Battery Current: Can handle up to 70 Amps of continuous battery current.(With a proper cooling system)
  • Motor Current: Capable of delivering a continuous motor current of 120 Amps.
  • Power Output: Offers a power output range of 5 kilowatts to 8 kilowatts.
  • Phase Filters
  • Key Features: Incorporates essential features found in VESC controllers, including Field-Oriented Control (FOC), customizable current and temperature limits, throttle response adjustments, and compatibility with single motor setups.
  • IMU Integration: Equipped with an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), making it ideal for applications requiring balance control, such as Electric Unicycles (EUCs) floatwheel, funwheel or onewheel and other balance boards.
  • Advanced Sensorless Operation: Utilizes new phase filters to enable full ASS (Active Speed Sensor) and VSS (Virtual Speed Sensor) sensorless functionality.
  • DRV-Less Design: Engineered without the need for a DRV (Gate Driver) chip, enhancing reliability.
  • Fault Detection: Implements sophisticated fault detection mechanisms for identifying over-current, over-voltage, gate drive errors, and other potential issues.
  • Convenient On/Off Control: Features an easy On/Off functionality with a latching switch of your choice.
  • ESD Protection: Provides protection against Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) for Input/Output (IO) interfaces.
  • Thermal Management: Designed to facilitate effective thermal management and cooling.
  • Compact Size: Compact dimensions with a board size of 59mm x 100mm.(2,32 x 3.9in).



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