We introduce to you the Extended Size Battery Box Replacement for the Onewheel XR. Experience a 2mm an increase in internal height and an 7.5mm increase of length!

This package includes a durable polycarbonate box, a 6061 aluminum lid with gasket, a vent, and the necessary hardware.

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What can you store inside? The CBXR style packs fit perfectly in this spacious box with minor side adjustments. The box is specifically designed for 19s2p packs featuring high discharge current 21700 cells.

Key features:

  1. The injection molded, transparent, and tough polycarbonate box ensures durability and is backed by Badgerwheel's waterproof guarantee.
  2. The insert less aluminum lid is attached with three additional fasteners, therefore the attachment is more secure and solid than the attachment of the stock XR box.
  3. The top rear rail screw now directly attaches to the battery box, instead of an attachment to the bumper.


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