Little FocFM 84v 20s v1 ESC with connectors

Includes all the connectors for assembly in one balance vehicle, yes that one with a vega tire


  • 15V to 84V operation up to 20S li-ion
  • Max operating battery amps: 75A
  • Max peak motor amps: 120A
  • 3kw to 5kw max power

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Parts included:

  • Vesc based Little FocFM 84v, modified version of Little FOCer                                                      
  • Battery connector 16 pins                   
  • Motor connector 6 pins                           
  • Connector hall sensors                          
  • Connector footpad                                
  • Internal charger connector with pins   
  • External BT module Nrf 52832              
  • Latching power Switch


  • 15V to 84V operation 20S li-ion
  • Max operating battery amps: 75A
  • Max peak motor amps: 120A
  • 3kw to 5kw max power
  • The controller has primary features of VESC controllers (FOC, configurable current/temperature limits, throttle response, single motor operation, ect.)
  • IMU for balance applications such as EUCs or any other kind of balance boards.
  • 72mm x 84mm board size
  • Sophisticated fault detection for over-current, over-voltage, gate drive errors, and more
  • Easy On/Off capability with latching switch of choice
  • ESD Protected IO
  • Designed to enable excellent thermal management and cooling
  • External Bluetooth transceiver module included for App an accessory compatibility
  • 72mm x 84mm board size

Solution to Bluetooth Issue

A problem was encountered with the built-in Bluetooth. Metal enclosures can cause the signal to drop and the connection to be lost. For now, the solution to this problem is to use an external Bluetooth module like one would with most VESC controllers. In future updates we will add a Bluetooth module with a more powerful output and a connector for an optional external antenna to the design. Both solutions, present and future, will solve the Bluetooth issue.

Firmware Source Code:

The Little FocFM is based upon the VESC®-Project. VESC is a registered TM, owned by Benjamin Vedder


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